Brantford man nipped by Pomeranian puppy scam

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A Brantford man hoping to help a dog in need of a home fell victim to a scam last month.
The city resident reported the fraud at Brantford Police Service headquarters on Monday, Dec. 4.
He responded to an online ad by a self-proclaimed pet relocation service claiming to be selling a Pomeranian puppy.
The victim complied with a request to wire $500 to an address in Las Vegas, Nevada. The service then requested he send an additional $1,000 before they shipped the puppy. The victim refused to send the money and realized the service was a fraud.
In light of this incident, Brantford police are warning residents not to send money to anyone that hasn’t been proven to be a part of legitimate business or organization. For example, a legitimate company would accept payment by credit card.
“If the company asks for more money which wasn’t originally negotiated, it may be a scam,” said Const. Natalie Laing. “Also some companies ask for additional deposit money for the loan of an animal crate and promise that you will receive a refund once the crate is returned. If you are the victim of a fraud regarding the purchase of a pet, you will not receive the pet or the refund.
“Be cautious if the company is offering to sell a highly desirable breed and offering the cost of the pet at a lower cost than to purchase the same animal at a reputable breeder. Consider adopting a pet from your local animal shelter or an address closer to your home where you can visit in person with the animal before purchase or adoption.”
If you have already sent funds and personal information, contact the police and your financial institution immediately. If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud, contact the Brantford Police Service at 519-756-7050.
If you have received a telephone call, but have not fallen the victim to this fraud, report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre toll free at 1-888-495-8501 or

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