Grand River flood warning in effect for Brantford, Six Nations

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The Grand River Conservation Authority has issued a flood warning for Brantford and Six Nations.

A weather system is expected to bring mild temperatures and rain across the Grand River watershed on Thursday and Friday that are expected to melt much of the snow pack, resulting in increased runoff into local waterways.

Some local waterways also have intact ice sheets, which may break up and shift during this event, increasing the risk of ice jam flooding. There remains some uncertainty in the current track of this weather system that may impact the timing and amount of rainfall and snow melt associated with this event.

Runoff will result in flooding in low lying areas typically prone to spring flooding. River flows are expected to peak Friday in Drayton, Grand Valley and New Hamburg. There is the potential for ice jams in Grand Valley, New Hamburg, West Montrose, Brantford, Six Nations of the Grand River, Cayuga and Port Maitland. Ice jams can occur quickly and without warning. Residents in areas prone to ice jams should prepare accordingly.

Flows are expected to peak in the Grand River through Brantford on Friday evening. There is an ice jam located between the Cockshutt Bridge and Onondaga which will increase the risk of additional ice jams and flooding in low lying areas through this reach. Flood coordinators in the City of Brantford are advised to close Gilkison Street. Six Nations and County of Brant flood coordinators are advised to monitor and prepare to close Boundary Road and 4th Line. 

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