Birkett Lane flooded in Brantford

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Birkett Lane in Brantford remains washed out by flood waters from the Grand River as of Monday afternoon. 

Access to the road from River Road and and Erie Avenue was closed by the City of Brantford due to flooding on Sunday evening. 

That hasn’t stopped many drivers from driving through the barricades, and presumably attempt to get through the deepest of the waters found just west of the dike trail and Erie Avenue on Birkett.

The emergency road closed sign is governed by under the Highway Traffic Act section 134. Provincial offence notices for driving on a closed road come with a $110 fine and three demerit points.

The high, fast running waters of the Grand River have yet to recede in the Brantford area of the watershed since they rose several feet and sped up over the weekend, when several centimetres of rain fell.

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