Six Nations fire hall closed after break-in

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Six Nations Fire & Emergency Services station 3 had to be closed on Wednesday, indefinitely, after a break-in resulted in $200,000 worth of theft and damage.

Until the station and trucks are repaired and the highly specialized equipment that was stolen is replaced, fire station 3 will remain closed.

The fire station at 2134 Cayuga Rd. saw thieves cut through a security fence, break through a double cinder block concrete wall at the back and bypass the security system, according to a social media post by Fire Chief Matthew Miller.
The thieves stole all of the equipment from two fire trucks and attempted to steal the fire trucks, damaging them significantly in the process.

There will be a delay in emergency response to the fire station 3 district – River Range Road, Oneida Road, Cayuga Road (north of 4th Line), Onondaga Road (north of 4th Line), Tuscarora Road (north of 5th Line), 6th Line (east of Tuscarora Road), 5th Line (East of Tuscarora Road), 4th Line (East of Onondaga Road).

If you see, hear or know anything about this incident, please notify the Six Nations Police at 519-445-2811.

“Although we appreciate the kind offers to fundraise or create a go fund me to assist us with replacing equipment we can assure everyone that we will be able to independently recover from this incident,” Miller wrote.

“If you would like to make a donation we ask that you attend the Stuff a Fire Truck Xmas Toy Drive this Saturday from 10am-3pm at Weken Toys located at 2469 Fourth Line to benefit the Six Nations Christmas Basket and assist Six Nations families this holiday season.”

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