Brant supports No Hot Pets campaign

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The County of Brant Council supports the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) and its campaign to remind residents that “no excuse is a good excuse when leaving a pet in a hot vehicle.”

The reminder came from the Ontario SPCA shortly after they launched their “2018 No Hot Pets” campaign.

“The issue of owners leaving their pets in vehicles during the hot summer months puts the animal’s safety at risk and can cause death. This is a serious and ongoing problem across Ontario,” said Connie Mallory, Chief Inspector of the Ontario SPCA.

Councillor Joan Gatward emphasized that the County of Brant supports the No Hot Pets campaign and agrees that public education is key.

“This is a high profile issue and the general public has shown diligence in this regard,” said Gatward.

The Ontario SPCA has less than 75 officers on the road to patrol the entire province.

“We are counting on every member of the public to do their part and make sure pets are safe this summer,” said Gatward.

Since the beginning of 2018, up until July 31, there have been approximately 931 animals left in car occurrences within the searchable OPP and linked law enforcement agency database. Of these, the County of Brant accounted for seven, making up 0.75% of overall calls. Brant County OPP supports the continued efforts of the County and its citizens to reduce the number of animals left in vehicles, specifically on hot days when it could cause major health problems or death.

If you notice a pet in a hot vehicle, call 310-SPCA (7722). For other matters, contact the Brant County SPCA at 519-756-6620. If there is immediate concern for the animal’s well-being, contact the police by calling 911.

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