100+ km/h winds wreak havoc in Brantford

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Trees, branches, shingles, window shutters, power lines and deck railings, to name a few, have been damaged across Brant and Brantford due to powerful wind gusts of well over 100 km/h.

On a day when The Weather Network was calling for a thunderstorm, little rain fell, but the wind pummelled the community for hours.

Trees were reported down all over, including one laying across River Road that fell down beside the Grand River. River Road is closed south of Baldwin Avenue. The wind also caused hydro pole damage that closed West Quarter Townline Road between Sixth Concession Road and Seventh Concession Road while it is repaired.

The gusts are due to taper off as the evening progresses.

Brantford Power reported widespread outages shortly after 1 p.m., all of which had been restored by 5:30 p.m.

To report damage, call 519-759-4150 and dial 7 for the after-hours communications centre.

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